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Sonoma Specialty brings a new level of care to Sonoma County


Sonoma Specialty Hospital, as the county’s only Long-Term Acute Care Hospital, is dedicated to caring for patients that require an extended acute care stay due to severe illness or catastrophic injury. We accept patients from the ICU, Step-Down and Telemetry units of partner hospitals and continue their care for as long as 45 days. This care focuses on the challenges of getting patients off of ventilator support, healing severe wounds, aiding their recovery following surgical procedures, and providing rehabilitation to speed their return to daily life. Our Hospital provides ICU, Surgical, and Step-Down care with dialysis, multi-specialty therapies and ongoing planning for the patient’s transition back home or into a lower level of care. Please contact us with any questions, and welcome to Sonoma Specialty Hospital.

Multi-speciality medical & surgical consultants

“Our hospital’s Medical Staff represent multiple specialities important to the care of patients transitioning from a critical care environment.  Our physicians are Sonoma County natives and are invested in caring for the members of its community.”

Registered dietitian & nutrition program

“Our dietary services are managed by a Registered Dietician who tends to the unique nutritional needs of our patients.  In addition to our excellent meal service, the hospital can accommodate patients that require intravenous feeding, NG & PEG Tube feeding, and an array of specialized diets unique to every medical condition.”

Interdisciplinary team approach

“Our Interdisciplinary team is made up of a member of each clinical department who meet weekly to discuss the patient’s progress towards their goals and discuss barriers to discharge.  This process ensures coordination between the departments to maximize each patient’s potential outcome.”



Respiratory and Ventilator Care


ICU to ICU Transfer




Surgical Services


Rehabilitation Services


Pulmonary and Ventilator Care


Wound Care


Palliative Care


IV Antibiotic Therapy


Our Standards


Sonoma Specialty Hospital and its medical staff will provide the level of physician and nursing care that is safe and appropriate for the services your doctor has prescribed. Physicians are on-call 24 hours a day.


We focus our diagnostic studies to meet the need of the patient population we serve. We provide on-site Laboratory and Radiology services.


Our Hospital's greatest strength has always been the warm, personalized care from educated, attentive staff who believe in the hospital and the importance of its work and its place in the community.


SSH maintains a state of the art 5-bed Intensive Care Unit with views of the Laguna de Santa Rosa from patient rooms. This unit makes it possible for patients currently in the ICU of partner hospitals to be transferred directly to our ICU where they can continue to receive high-level care and monitoring.


The patients’ physical and psycho-social needs are assessed. Patients’ needs are evaluated for treatment and individual treatment plans are developed. Patient needs are assessed during interdisciplinary care rounds .


SSH provides in-house hemodialysis services at the patient’s bedside. This added service means no transfer to another unit or location within the hospital is required for patient’s to receive this vital treatment. Dr. Manjapa, is our Board-Certified Nephrologist who manages multiple dialysis programs throughout the greater Sonoma/Napa areas.

Long Term Acute Care

Sonoma Specialty Hospital is designed to provide care of medically complex patients who have experienced catastrophic illness and/or multi-system failure and are in need of intense rehabilitation services and an extended stay in an acute care setting. These patients usually come directly from a Short Term Acute Care Hospital (STCH) and are in need of vent weaning and acute rehabilitation services for a longer period of time to recover and return to their optimal level of health. The average length of stay (ALOS) of these patients is a range of 25–35 days which is a longer than average stay at a Short Term Acute Care Hospital. Care for these types of patients is provided by RNs, Respiratory Therapists, Wound Care Nurses, Physical Therapists, Occupational Therapists, and Speech Therapists. Also a collaborative team of specialty physicians, psychologists, dieticians, and social workers will focus on an individualized goal for each patient to recover and reach their independence and optimum level of health. Long Term Acute Care is a missing piece in the continuum of care within the health care system.

Long Term Acute Care patients will have one or more of the following diagnoses or disorder:

• Ventilator weaning • Hi-Flow Oxygen Therapy • Bi-Pap/CPAP • Endotracheal Tubes • Tracheostomy • Pulmonary Intensivist Care
• Stroke • Head Injury • Seizure Disorders • Spinal Cord Injury
• Pressure Ulcers • Vascular Ulcers • Amputations • VAC Therapy • Debridement • Certified Wound Care Nurses
• Orthopedic Surgical Follow-up • Traction • Pin Care • Supportive care prior to surgery
• Telemetry Monitoring • Intensive Care • Vasoactive “Drip” Medications
• Infectious Disease Physician Consultation • Required Isolation • Extended Antibiotic Therapy


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Sonoma Speciality Hospital

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